User Group at CarGarantie

AI, ASR, TTS, QM - all just buzzwords? jtel User Group explores with automation and quality management in customer service.

Last Thursday jtel customers, partners, and customer service experts met at Freiburg, well known for it's football club, the Europapark and Car Garantie, the leading specialist insurer of warranties for vehicle manufacturers and dealers in Europe, who hosted the jtel User Group this time. 

Under the heading "Keeping demanding customers happy - nationally and internationally while transforming the voice infrastructure towards Microsoft Teams", Michael Ketteniss, Head of Operations at Car Garantie, gave us an interesting insight into customer service and the recent transformation of the voice infrastructure towards Teams. This was successfully mastered with jtel. Michael gave an impressive account of the digital transformation of the service processes and of positive experiences through the migration to Teams. Car Garantie thus secures a multichannel platform that will provide the basis for a demanding clientele today and in the future.


Afterwards, Tony Stock inspired the participants with jtel's new solution for quality management through speech analysis. Ender Turing has been a jtel technology partner in the DACH region since CCW 2023. Voice files obtained in jtel or any other solution can be transcribed and deeply analyzed in real-time with Ender Turing. Through effective monitoring of customer dialogs and coaching of employees, the quality of customer service is ensured at all times. The system can be provided on-premise or in the cloud. The analysis options exist for voice, mail and chat conversations. jtel customers receive a special offer for the market launch. 

During the presentation, the failure of a remote participant in Zoom to heed the mute switch resulted in an unintentional humorous interlude. The question, audible to all, "Hmmm? Shall we go for a walk?" was countered by the speaker with the confident answer: "No, we want to stay here!


User group attendees then heard some impressive insider information from the development team. Lewis Graham, CEO of jtel, gave a live presentation of the latest developments that are likely to meet the increased demands of service unit operators in terms of automation. The market is noticeably caught between conversational AI on the one hand and self-service processes with ASR and TTS on the other. Customers often ask for automation, partial automation or dark processing solutions. However, an AI-based voice bot is not economically feasible in every case. With the vastly improved speech recognizers and text-to-speech solutions provided by cloud services such as Azure, a cost-effective and quickly implemented solution can be achieved in many cases when combined with a jtel IVR. Finally, Lewis reveals the secret behind the highly anticipated new jtel user interface with many new features. This is clearly more than just a facelift! The ownership needs of jtel users were suddenly apparent. Regardless, the new routing objects from release 3.33 are already convincing.

jtel UI collage.png

The User Group ended around noon with a record-breaking number of participants, who had joined from the coast of germany to the Alps and even beyond. The jtel team ended the day in a relaxed atmosphere with customers from Freiburg and the surrounding area.