Flexible and fully-interoperable integration that puts customers first

With two billion users and counting, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps around the globe. What if you could leverage its ease of use and the familiarity your customers and employees have with it to expand your contact center operations?

Alone, WhatsApp is a simple and convenient messaging platform to connect friends and family. Integrated with the jtel system, it becomes an additional channel for agents to quickly assist customers. Employees can access the platform directly from the home view their jtel client, and customers can initiate a WhatsApp chat simply by clicking the icon on your website.

Install the WhatsApp integration as an extension to your existing jtel infrastructure. Take advantage of easily configurable administrator settings, and implement reporting that supports the level of detail you need to manage operations and guarantee customer success.


Full integration with jtel

  • Conversations initiated by customers are delivered to the jtel system via a WhatsApp business connector
  • The WhatsApp connector works in parallel with the jtel web-chat connector
  • A full suite of distribution algorithms is supported
  • Agents can hold conversations with several customers at the same time
  • Employees launch WhatsApp from their “AgentHome” desktop view
  • Each WhatsApp request is listed in the system
  • Employees can accept conversations or forward them internally to others

Flexible platform administration

  • Simple administration through the jtel administrator
  • Defined maximum number of simultaneous conversations per employee
  • Various distribution algorithms to keep requests moving efficiently in parallel with other channels being serviced by the contact center, e.g. calls and emails
  • Set maximum wait time for customers

Detailed reporting and Wallboard View

  • Supervisors can see the number of conversations and the level of service provided in the wallboard and supervisor views
  • Consolidated historical reports show all calls, emails, WhatsApp conversations, chats, etc., per service
  • Reporting categories include response times, dormant times, chat times, post processing and average conversation duration
  • Conversations can be exported to a backend CRM or ERP system via a REST API provided as part of the package


  • Installation and basic configuration of the WhatsApp connector in minutes
  • Provide a WhatsApp button on your website to connect directly to the contact center
  • Use fixed line numbers for your WhatsApp conversations – no mobile number required
  • Automated initial welcome message to customers
  • Receive and send images, videos and other file formats
  • Parameter-based routing of requests to the best employee to handle the issue
  • Processing of conversations in separate tabs for the agent
  • Save conversation history transcripts for future review
  • Consolidate a customer’s conversations with the entire customer history via the jtel REST API
  • Ability to archive transcripts in your CRM system
  • REST API for the integration of AI chatbots and other automated processing systems
  • jtel AI chatbots available on request (requires training material)
  • Support for your integration offered by the jtel team