Custom integration

jtel’s solutions can easily be integrated with any enterprise business process via RESTful APIs. This allows a range of actions to be taken, extending jtel functionality to a third-party solution, or from the jtel environment. Data exchange means that processes are updated and aligned, ensuring accurate records and effective information management.

Our experts can perform the integration as part of a delivery and to an agreed specification, so that you get exactly what you need to drive performance and process optimisation. In addition to triggering actions, jtel also enables Business Intelligence integration, which provides key insights and data for your other software systems and platforms. REST calls can be made from the jtel server, or the agent workstation, ensuring compatibility with most modern CRM, ERP and business process solutions.


  • Facilitate planning and workforce management
  • Maintain and manage KPIs
  • Deliver better customer and agent experiences
  • Efficiently exchange valuable data
  • Maintain accurate, consistent records


  • Routing Queries

    • Standard REST query object in jtel workflow engine enables queries to be made from any customer interaction to a wide range of CRM / ERP and business process systems
    • Make routing decision based on CRM data
      • Enables last Agent over any channel
      • VIP routing, routing on service level, and more
    • Automatically ask callers for relevant information, such as an order or ticket number
      • Route based on data collected, or caller ID matching
    • REST queries can be cascaded to provide the information required for the interaction
  • CTI

    • Incoming CTI: Use the information from the routing query or a generic search to popup the correct data on the agent screen by
      • Client (agent workstation) based REST calls
      • Server (jtel server) based REST call
      • .EXE call on agent workstation
    • Outgoing CTI: Click to dial
      • Client (agent workstation) based URI handler, for example for tel: or sip: URLs
      • Server based REST or SOAP interface to initiate an outgoing call
  • Statistics and BI

    • All data transferred via API for BI purposes using standard jtel REST calls