Salesforce integration

Integration with Salesforce brings jtel’s call and contact centre solutions close alignment with one of the most popular CRMs available today. It allows data to be exchanged to ensure accurate, consistent records, while also enabling actions to be taken based on information held in Salesforce. For example, routing decisions to determine the most suitable agent can be made using customer records, prior to selecting the most suitable person to handle a call.

Similarly, click to dial and other features can be enabled from Salesforce, allowing agents to manage customer conversations and handle tickets, quickly and easily. All information regarding both inbound and outbound calls can be transferred to the relevant process in Salesforce, for tracking and for statistical analysis, boosting quality assurance and helping to optimise workflows and enhance efficiency.


  • Enhance customer experience by ensuring instant access to key data
  • Accelerate call handling through more efficient service
  • Maintain accurate, consistent records
  • Obtain new insights to drive continuous improvement
  • Leverage existing investments and reduce TCO


  • Routing Queries

    • Standard Salesforce query object in jtel workflow engine enables queries to be made from any customer interaction
    • Make routing decision based on CRM data
      • Enables last Agent over any channel
      • VIP routing, routing on service level, and more
    • Automatically ask callers for relevant information, such as an order or ticket number
      • Route based on data collected, or caller ID matching
    • Fully customisable by providing REST interfaces using standard Apex class logic in Salesforce
  • CTI

    • Standard integration using widgets compatible with Salesforce Classic or Lightning
    • Incoming CTI: Use the information from the routing query or a generic search to popup the correct data on the agent screen
    • Outgoing CTI: Click to dial from any Salesforce record containing a telephone number
    • Outgoing CTI and Dialler: Matching of customer record to business process to signal correct caller number to the customer, for example for different brands
    • Dialler / Outbound Campaigns: preview of the called customer before the call is initiated
  • Dialler Campaigns

    • Automatic loading of dialler campaigns using customisable Salesforce DataLoader interface
  • Statistics and BI

    • All data can be transferred via API to Salesforce for BI purposes
    • Fully customisable by using standard Salesforce Apex class logic to provide the appropriate REST endpoints
  • Further features can be added by providing Apex REST interfaces in the Salesforce instance

  • Test against sandbox with ease:

    • Routing Applications and Service-Numbers can be tagged as “test” to enable automatic consultation of the sandbox test instance
    • Dialler campaigns can be tagged as test campaigns
    • Agents can be tagged to use the sandbox instance
    • All other interactions are sent to the production instance