Calls without media break from the website   

Many so-called web click-to-call solutions are not end-to-end solutions and require a phone number to be entered. The call to the call center is made in the traditional way via the customer's mobile or landline phone. Not with jtel One-Click One-Call. Calls go directly from your website to your call center. Visitors are only a single click away from connecting with you via the browser. You can choose whether as an audio-only call or optionally with video and screen sharing. The integration is super-easy and quick to implement.


  • Easier approach for your website visitors

    • One click - one call, whether voice or video 
    • No dialing necessary
    • Website visitors no longer need to change device or application, e.g. to a landline or to the phone application
    • Identification of the website from which the call was established
  • No additional equipment required 

    • Communication takes place via the browser, tablet or mobile phone
    • Existing telephone agents can be integrated without additional equipment for audio-only calls.
  • Multichannel Communikation 

    • Voice calls can be continued as video calls
    • Screen sharing possible e.g. for technical advice or service
  • Easy integration into your websites

    • Integration of the HTML code by copy-paste into your relevant websites
  • Easy Integration into the contact center as an additional media channel

    • Use of existing service number(s)
    • IVR (self-service) possible
    • Bot integration possible
    • Integration with third-party systems (non-jtel) possible


  • One Click – One Call = Customer Contact with one click via WebRTC

  • Voice calls

  • Video calls

  • Screensharing 

  • Identification of where the user is on the website

  • Tablet, cell phone or browser with microphone are all you need

  • Easy integration into website via HTML code

  • Easy integration into the existing contact center

  • IVR-integration 

  • Intelligent routing

  • SLA-Routing 

  • Integration with third-party systems (non-jtel) possible