The Ender Turing Performance and Quality Management Platform is an innovative AI-based solution for optimizing the quality of customer communication in contact centers. All calls are transcribed into text, analyzed and instantly accessible for review.

Key insights can be discovered through the analyzed call content and used as a basis for future strategic decisions. 

  • AI Speech Analysis for calls, chats and e-mails 
  • Quality Management
  • Agent training and modern coaching

Give your trainers and agents a turbo boost and increase your customer satisfaction!

On average, companies can manually review 2-10% of customer communications. With Ender Turing Platform, not only your customer communication but also your complete corporate communication can be analyzed and evaluated. The AI-based platform uncovers all information contained in calls, chats and e-mails and enables automated processes in customer service which in turn improves quality. A task which is impossible to do manually on such a large scale. 

Take a closer look at your communication! 


  • AI Speech Analysis to improve business processes

    • Speech Analysis of customer communication 
    • Real-time view of contact center performance metrics, for example KPIs 
    • Immediate understanding of customer satisfaction and root causes of communication problems 
    • Communication from all departments can be analyzed 
  • Quality Management in the contact center – significantly faster analysis

    • Transcribe all your calls into searchable text 
    • Automated process to review calls, chats, and e-mails 
    • Complete overview of service quality in real time 
    • Automated feedback, notifications, and alerts 
  • Personalized self-coaching on live examples 

    • Capture the most successful calls, chats, e-mails, or parts of dialogs on a specific topic 
    • Self-coaching: assign examples to agents that specifically train knowledge or skill gaps 
    • Employees can monitor their own performance and proactively ask for help