Join the revolution

There are no infrastructure headaches and we take care of managing your unique deployment. We offer 99.9% availability, with all services hosted from Germany in a secure GDPR-compliant environment.

On-premise solutions, hybrid options and shared cloud deployments continue to be available alongside our new cloud variant – a unique, highly secure “cloud bubble“. This means that you get to choose exactly the type of deployment and the services you need at any time.

Cloud bubble

Our solution is an alternative to the classic, multi-tenanted environment that many cloud service providers offer. We can provide you with a dedicated, isolated, secure platform customised to your needs, and with the entire jtel feature set available to meet your requirements.

We can connect to any element or system in your infrastructure via secure VPN tunnels, ensuring tight integration between your cloud system and your other assets. In addition, traditional premises-based PBX systems can also be integrated via SIP.

Flexible options

Our industry-unique approach of providing a real cloud with customer-specific bubbles allows us to transition you to the cloud, while ensuring privacy of your data and complete flexibility in deployment options. You can even create multiple tenants within your own jtel cloud bubble.

Customisation has always been the missing link in shared clouds, but through our own multiple APIs we can provide connectivity to literally hundreds of different CRM, ERP and ticketing systems… just ask us what is possible. We can also offer any of our existing integration options, such as MS Teams or What’s App.

Our unique solution also means that we do not push upgrades or maintenance windows on our customers. Like everything else, updates can simply be tailored to your requirements and preferences, so you can choose when to deploy them, according to your schedules.

Explore all the options and choose the right solution for your business

Solution type Provider Pros Cons
On Premise jtel
  • Highly customisable
  • Access to all features
  • Connectivity to Microsoft Teams
  • Managed update schedule tailored to your needs
  • Requires own infrastructure ownership and management
  • CAPEX model
  • Availability dependent on your IT infrastructure and capabilities
Shared Cloud jtel Partner
  • Shared use of compute resources and feature standardisation reduces costs
  • Standard solution for your customers
  • Cloud Model (monthly use with minimum term)
  • 99.9% availability included
  • jtel lite feature set
  • No connectivity to Microsoft Teams
  • Reduced customisation options
  • No access to some APIs
  • Requires bandwidth to the cloud from all users and locations
jtel Cloud jtel
  • Premium option with all features
  • “Own cloud bubble”, highly customisable according to traditional jtel philosophy
  • Connectivity to Microsoft Teams
  • No infrastructure or management, all managed by jtel
  • Cloud Model (monthly use with minimum term)
  • Smooth migration to cloud with connectivity to your PBX via SIP
  • Managed update schedule tailored to your needs
  • VPN connectivity for customer sites enables “connect to anything“ including legacy PBX for monitoring purposes
  • 99.9% availability included
  • Requires bandwidth to the cloud from all users and locations

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