SAP integration

SAP is at the heart of many enterprises, providing efficient management of everything from customer contact data, support tickets, as well as processes for order management and other key workflows. SAP’s new C4C web based CRM and ERP makes integration with jtel a breeze, ensuring your call and contact center solution is completely aligned with all SAP modules and processes, enhancing your efficiency and performance.

API and widget integration brings jtel and SAP together, so that data can be exchanged, actions triggered and processes managed, seamlessly, from both environments. It enables you to deliver better, faster customer service, while making your agents’ jobs easier. Consistent records and data help you with agile service delivery.


  • Enhance customer experience by ensuring instant access to key data
  • Accelerate call handling through more efficient service
  • Maintain accurate, consistent records
  • Obtain new insights to drive continuous improvement
  • Leverage existing investments and reduce TCO


  • Routing Queries

    • Make routing decision based on CRM data
      • Standard SAP query object in jtel workflow engine enables queries to be made from any customer interaction
      • Enables last Agent over any channel
      • VIP routing, routing on service level, and more
    • Automatically ask callers for relevant information, such as an order or ticket number
      • Route based on data collected, or caller ID matching
    • Uses standard SAP REST queries, which can be cascaded to provide the necessary detail of information required for the interaction

  • CTI

    • Standard integration with SAP using widgets compatible with SAP C4C
    • Incoming CTI: Use the information from the routing query or a generic search to popup the correct data on the agent screen
    • Outgoing CTI: Click to dial  
    • Outgoing CTI and Dialler: Matching of customer record to business process to signal correct caller number to the customer, for example for different brands
    • Dialler / Outbound Campaigns: preview of the called customer before the call is initiated
    • Chat: optional identification of the customer using registration information of the chat user via login details from the customer website

  • Statistics and BI

    • All data can be transferred via API to SAP for BI purposes
  • Statistics and BI

    • All data can be transferred via API to SAP for BI purposes
  • Further features can be added by providing the appropriate REST interfaces in the SAP C4C instance