Automated customer service with individualized voice bots

Customer service automation aims to successfully handle a portion of contact center interactions through intelligent algorithms and without the intervention of a human agent.

The jtel Voice Bot focuses on the use of natural language in digital channels: Conversational AI as a core component of customer service automation enables customers to express their concerns or questions in spoken language. In this way, a pleasant self-service takes place as a natural dialog with a partner.

Strengthen your ability to take action! Automation of simple questions/answers (FAQ bot) is often a starting point for customer center automation. However, business process-oriented conversations have much more value - for both parties involved. "Dealing with matters conclusively." Performing actions in back-end systems (from completing a purchase to resetting a password), the playing field is customer service automation.

Stay flexible in the dialog! Unlike filling out a form, the interaction in the customer center is often not very structured and predictable. Since every customer is different, there is a wide variety of strategies, expressions, and phrases in the interaction between your service center and your customers. To get to the desired outcome as quickly as possible, jtel uses sophisticated AI and utilizes speech recognizers as well as speech synthesis in cloud services. The system is trained and understands the most common formulations right from the start. During the operating phase, the learning process continues. The comfortable jtel Voice Bot platform ensures that your customer processes can always be optimally planned, tested, implemented and evaluated.


  • Increasing the level of automation in the service center

    • 7 x 24 h availability for your customers
    • Lighten the load on your hotlines
    • Cost reduction through automation of dialog processes with artificial intelligence
  • Business Process Optimization

    • Quick and easy implementation into existing backend systems (CRM, ERP)
    • Easy creation of conversations in the comfortable workflow editor
    • Seamless integration with the jtel system
  • Increased customer satisfaction

    • human-like dialogue in the language process
    • Elimination of waiting times
    • Prevention of migration


  • Cloud-based architecture

  • Transaction based billing

  • Scales with your requirements

  • Complete integration with jtel system

  • AI-based dialog

  • Easy to train

  • Design, test and implementation in a smart interface

  • Speech recognizer and speech synthesis in powerful cloud services, e.g., Azure, Nuance, Google