Chal-Tec GmbH is a European leader in the field of e-commerce with an extensive product portfolio distributed via multiple channels, across 18 different countries. This mix of channels reflects Chal-Tec’s commitment to a blend of traditional retail models and innovative e-commerce tactics. But Chal-Tec agents in the call center were struggling to keep up with call volumes and an increasingly diverse range of enquiries. With rapid and sustained growth, a new ACD solution was required that could both solve the immediate problems and provide a platform for the future.

The jtel team proposed the addition of jtel ACD to the existing infrastructure, which included a PBX system from STARFACE. As well as the jtel ACD, an advanced SOAP interface enabled deep integration with Chal-Tec’s existing infrastructure. Customer satisfaction improved measurably from the outset, and with calls targeted and delivered more effectively, less time was wasted in rerouting, reducing costs and ensuring greater staff productivity. Crucially, jtel ACD offers an evolution path for Chal-Tec’s innovations.

“jtel delivered a thoroughly professional and customer-orientated solution that helps us better serve our customers, generate internal efficiencies, and which will support our future growth. Our culture is built on innovation and we need partners that have the same forward-looking approach. jtel has proven to be an ideal choice.”

Matthias Heinig at Chal-Tec.

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Chal-Tec needed a solution that could easily be inserted into it’s existing infrastructure, while providing intelligent call routing capabilities across multiple channels both now and in the future.


Chal-Tec needed a solution that could solve the immediate problem of accurate and efficient call distribution, while providing a platform for the future to enable rapid growth and evolution.


jtel ACD allows Chal-Tec to target and deliver calls more effectively, minimising time wasted in rerouting or transferring calls to other agents. This reduced costs while ensuring that staff hours were more productive.