Conradia is committed to offering the highest clinical standards, but, ensuring effective communication between patients and practitioners presents many challenges. The success of Conradia’s model meant that there were growing demands on the existing call and contact center solution. In addition, there were new requirements for call routing and distribution, driven by more flexible working arrangements for its staff, the rise of home-working, and the increasing use of mobile devices and applications. Germany was also undergoing a shift towards all-IP networks; Conradia’s existing PBX solution was based on ISDN technology. While the existing call center provided a stable platform, the need for more complex routing options meant that system configuration was becoming increasingly challenging requiring deep, system-level expertise, and the solution was not meeting their needs.

Conradia replaced its existing voice infrastructure with a VoIP PBX from Innovaphone, alongside jtel’s contact center solution – which runs as an open, scalable routing instance, providing the ability to scale on demand and to add more capacity when required. NTA Systemhaus ensured the smooth deployment of the combined solutions. The jtel Application Suite is a modular and scalable Enterprise Contact Center solution that allows additional media channels to be connected if required. The new system offers much more functionality than the legacy platform it replaced. All previous challenges have been overcome, and of particular note is the operation of all components on virtual machines. Further, the new infrastructure and architecture, combined with the multi-client capability of the system, means it is possible to integrate further sites and branch offices of the parent company Curagita in the future. Processes can easily be adapted for new cases and requirements, allowing for graceful expansion of the solution.

"We originally wanted a cloud solution, but were convinced we would be better served by a 100% VMware-enabled system variant. As a result, we secured very high reliability, and gained the ability to integrate the communication system with other applications. We can now connect employees to each other in groups to form organisational units, which has measurably improved productivity and service levels."

Mathias Bohlen, IT Administrator at Conradia

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Conradia needed to optimise communication between patients and practitioners, but its existing solution was outdated and resource-heavy.


Conradia needed a communications solution that could grow with the company and meet its existing challenges.


Innovaphone’s VoIP PBX and jtel’s contact center solution met all existing challenges, and provided Conradia with a graceful solution for future expansion.