Wera is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional work tools, and has built a reputation as ‘the tool rebels’; a company that likes to question the status quo. Wera has become increasingly successful in recent years with growth exceeding 20 per cent, which was placing tough demands on the sales team, who were struggling with an outdated on-premise solution that only provided rigid structured point-to-point cabling. At the same time time, 3,000 different Wera products meant that a close, long-term personal relationship between callers and agents was required. Wera needed a virtualised VoIP solution, while taking the opportunity to optimise business processes around customer service.

Wera, together with SIEVERS-GROUP, designed a solution consisting of the jtel Contact Center Solution and an innovaphone PBX system. jtel’s Contact Center Solution allows calls into head office from home and abroad to be routed to the right sales agent. The head office is also now fully integrated into the routing plan. Wera operates two data centers, so a virtualised telecommunications system could be implemented with geographical redundancy to support high availability requirements. The jtel system obtains relevant routing information from the existing inventory management system, and adds it to the call data, allowing calls to be directed automatically to the right person. Caller satisfaction has risen – but so too has that of employees, who are able to perform their tasks more efficiently, with reduced friction, faster.

"We looked closely for a tailor-made solution to redefine the internal sales workflow and ensure the highest possible satisfaction for our callers. The SIEVERS-GROUP has developed a solution with innovaphone and jtel that suits us perfectly!"

Alexander Rüth, system administrator and project manager at Wera

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Wera’s success meant that it was unable to serve the desired level of customer service using its existing, outdated on-premise communications solution.


Wera needed calls to be routed automatically to the right person, and with more than 3,000 different Wera products, it wanted to build closer, longer-term relationships between callers and agents.


jtel’s Contact Center Solution and an innovaphone PBX system enabled Wera to migrate from a legacy, premise-based solution to a new VoIP, cloud-hosted architecture, with CRM integration and high availability.