Dürkopp Fördertechnik

Dürkopp Fördertechnik (DFT), a member of the Knapp group is based in Bielefeld and provides complete intralogistic solutions for customers in the fashion, e-commerce and retail industries.

DFT’s customers have to adhere to demanding schedules to meet their commitments. Therefore, it is essentioal to provide effective customer support. Particularly in the challenging business of e-commerce, every second counts. When an automated system processes thousands of items per hour, any downtime due to failures or maintenance has an immediate negative impact on profitability. Conversely continuous and predictable service delivery increases profits.

The solutions provided by DFT are complex and require extensive knowledge to operate, which is why a team of specialists is provided by the DFT telephone hotline support team. The previously used solutions could no longer meet the demands, therefore an upgrade was required.

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DFT aims to improve their support by connecting callers to the right support expert faster.


Due to the pandemic, the DFT support team worked mainly from their home offices. For customer communications they primarily used their company mobile phones. 


Customers want a quick response when they are in need of support. Callbacks are only second choice in customer communication. With jtel, calls go directly to the best suited contact person and callbacks are only made as an exception.