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With a heritage dating back to 1867, Stadtwerke Lünen (SWL) is a long-established provider of utility services to residential and business customers. Ensuring that its systems can deliver, while providing the quality and service assurance a modern organisation needs is of huge importance. An efficient call center and call distribution solution is fundamental to this goal.

SWL’s existing system had become outdated and could not support new business process optimisation goals. To solve this, SWL sought a partner that could deliver a new, more flexible contact center. SWL identified jtel GmbH as a solution partner, together with IP PBX provider, Innovaphone.

Since process optimisation was a key goal, jtel ACD was the perfect solution. jtel ACD is highly flexible and can be customised to deliver tailor-made call handling and skills-based routing. It also offers an integrated IVR platform as a fully unified solution, providing exceptional control. There have also been significant improvements in self-care that have both reduced costs for SWL and enabled customers to manage their payments more effectively.

The new jtel solution has solved all previous technical issues, removed silos, and provides a clear path for process optimisation, in line with the development of the SWL business.

"What matters is control and we have really been impressed with the way in which jtel’s solution allows us to implement changes, manage configuration and optimise our business."

Rene Isenbeck, Deputy Head of the SWL Customer Center

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Maintaining high standards and delivering the quality its customers expected meant that Stadtwerke Lünen needed to update its existing call center solution.


Control is key – and SWL needed a platform that enabled it to implement new processes that supported improvements in customer service delivery.


jtel ACD solution with an integrated IVR delivered the flexibility and customisation capabilities that were essential to meeting SWL’s business goals, as well as providing a clear path for future enhancements.