Carl Wilh. Meyer GmbH und Co. KG (CWM) is a rapidly growing, specialist wholesaler of building hardware, safety technology, components, tools, occupational safety solutions, industrial equipment, and industrial supplies. It boasts a 137-year history, and prides itself on a combination of technical competence, innovation, flexibility and customer service. Building personal customer relationships is a priority, with voice calls being the main channel of communication. The company’s existing PBX and UC client lacked sophisticated routing capabilities, and offered no visibility into KPIs for improving performance. CWM also wanted to reduce call waiting times, and gain visibility into call logs and records.

CWM chose jtel’s omnichannel application suite to provide advanced contact center and call management capabilities. jtel created new business rules during the deployment phase and integrated jtel application suite into CWM’s existing IBM customer database. The solution can use the status of individual employees to trigger an automated search to connect customers to the ‘right‘ agent as quickly as possible. This has resulted in shorter waiting times, optimised distribution, more efficient staff utilisation and higher productivity. There has also been a noticeable improvement in soft measures, such as customer and employee satisfaction. Finally, CWM has introduced a new SAP system, which can also be integrated into the jtel solution.

“With jtel, we’re able to handle everyone and everything! Queues are automatically created by us and many customers have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the solution. We can distribute calls and media events quickly, to the ‘right’ agent. This creates customer satisfaction. We can also handle voicemails extremely effectively, or allow customers to register a callback request.”

Martin Battermann, IT system administrator

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CWM wanted to build closer customer relationships in order to provide the ‘personal touch’, and gain visibility into KPIs and call records.


CWM’s existing Panasonic PBX and UC client could not offer advanced call routing capabilities leading to long wait times, and missed calls. At the same time, it offered no access to KPI’s.


jtel application suite provided advanced contact center and call management capabilities, integration with CWM’s existing IBM customer database, and helped to create new business rules. CWM has now optimised call distribution, improved employee and customer satisfaction.