JobRad has grown rapidly to become a market leader in the growing business of corporate bicycle leasing. It has been extremely successful, providing bike leasing arrangements for more than 10,000 companies, covering over 1.5 million employees. However, this exceptional growth meant that JobRad was quickly generating up to 500 incoming customer calls each day. With volumes growing all the time, JobRad was struggling to handle this traffic and to deliver the service customers expect. It needed a solution that would enable it to service customer demands, boost customer satisfaction and help develop its business, while supporting its stellar growth.

Realising that the existing arrangements were not only an obstacle to growth but also had a negative impact on customer service performance, JobRad contacted jtel. JobRad recognised that there were a number of problems to solve and so needed a holistic approach to equip it for the future. The team deployed jtel, and it delivered immediate results, helping to transform customer service. The initial deployment covered 15 agents, filling both sales and support roles. The solution was installed alongside an Innovaphone PBX, ensuring full co-ordination with inbound and outbound call management. The call handling problems were immediately solved. In addition, jtel’s contact center can now provide much-needed information to help JobRad optimise and develop its business.

“The rich application suite is easy to use and intuitive. We’ve been able to train everyone very quickly, so the benefits were immediately apparent.”

Mr Jethro Becker, Incident Management at JobRad

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JobRad has been extremely successful. However, the exceptional growth enjoyed by JobRad meant that it encountered some problems with scaling up, as it struggled to handle up to 500 customer calls each day.


JobRad recognised that there were a number of problems to solve, and so the team needed to know that jtel could provide both a solution to its current problems as well as to support future developments.


jtel has not only solved the immediate problems, but has also provided a comprehensive, flexible platform for future evolution and enhancement.