The Radprax Company for Medical Care Centers is one of the largest healthcare providers in Germany. Radprax is trusted to deliver consistent quality of care and outstanding service to its patients across a network of healthcare centers that house some of the most advanced scanning technology available today. So, the speedy and efficient scheduling of appointments is of vital importance. Radprax needed to optimise the appointment and scheduling process, while retaining its operational call center. When Radprax’s existing solution was discontinued by the supplier, it created both a challenge and an opportunity.

Radprax needed to find a call center provider that offered full compatibility with its existing Innovaphone PBX. jtel ACD was deployed and using customised integration connectors between the ACD and the PBX, the work was completed literally within hours. The jtel team completed the entire engineering work on the same day, ensuring that calls could be transferred effectively with no disruption. This customisation was achieved on-the-fly during installation, ensuring that there were no delays in bringing the new solution into service.

“jtel offered a transparent and extremely user-friendly solution that enabled our agents to perform effectively from the outset. The user interface is intuitive and allows for rapid access to necessary information.”


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With a network of healthcare centers across Germany, Radprax needed to optimise the scheduling of appointments to ensure return on investments in equipment and staff.


When it’s existing supplier discontinued its solution, Radprax needed to find a call center provider that offered full compatibility with its existing Innovaphone PBX system.


jtel ACD provided an extremely stable core ACD platform, with integration into the existing Innovpahone PBX system, which solved all existing problems and provided a platform for future growth.

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