Stadtwerke Ratingen

Stadtwerke Ratingen (SWR) is responsible for providing electricity, gas, water and heating solutions for private and business customers in the North-Rhine Westphalia region, and operating the associated supply networks. Excellent customer service and 24/7 availability of the fault center are essential for SWR, so demands on the call center customer service team are high. As a result, their existing PBX had reached the limit of its capabilities. SWR needed a solution with high flexibility, process optimisation and a variety of options for evaluating customer enquiries. KomMITT Ratingen, a 100% owned subsidiary of SWR, was chosen for the project, and they quickly recommended jtel. But, shortly after the first meeting in February 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. This brought new challenges, as the shifted towards the need for a flexible arrangement with mobile and remote working. Still, jtel responded promptly with an appropriate solution.

Having chosen the jtel solution – and with COVID requiring remote dialogue between the teams – the task was to manage a fully remote deployment with modern tools, while ensuring a smooth migration from the original platform. Using an "intelligent migration process", the jtel platform was operated in parallel with the existing solution and users were migrated to the new platform step by step. New users were also trained remotely. Within a few months, 90% of the users had migrated, the rest followed soon after. jtel's solution inherently supports distributed workstations and home office connections, so agents and users can access enhanced functions from any location. Today, 40 agents and three administrators use the new system from their home workstations via a secure VPN connection. As well as continuing to help provide outstanding service and support, the solution provides new enhancements, such as real-time status visibility, an intuitive graphical user interface to create call flows, IVR capabilities, and easy access to key performance statistics. The system offers both browser-based access, as well as through a mini-client. In time, SWR’s CRM will be integrated with jtel, and the solution extended to include other communication channels, such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams, to provide a rich omni-channel experience.

"Adapting the contact center environment to new requirements and improving customer processes is a big step forward. We can now fine-tune and adapt the services we offer to support new use cases and provide our customers with even better service."

Oliver Grau, KomMITT customer project manager

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Excellent customer service and 24/7 availability are essential for SWR. As a result, the demands on the call center, customer service team and the technology they use are high. And, this is where the existing PBX had reached its limits.


SWR needed a solution that offered enhanced capabilities over their outdated existing PBX system, but the COVID pandemic meant that it not only required remote working, but also a remote deployment and training.


An intelligent migration process ensured business continuity, while jtel’s solution inherently supports distributed workstations and home office connections, allowing the team to access enhanced customer service functions from any location.