Stadtwerke Pforzheim

Heat and water are basic human needs. Similarly, in today’s fast-moving digital world, so too is efficient and easy communication. Delivering a mix of utilities to its customers in Pforzheim and the Enzkreis region, SWP strives to ensure continuous customer satisfaction and service excellence. The challenge was to optimise the service experience and enhance customer retention through more efficient call routing and more effective training of the agents, and implement a solution that could be integrated into SWP’s existing ERP and CRM systems.

Working with Systemhaus Dunkelberg, jtel suggested augmenting an existing Panasonic solution with the addition of jtel ACD and jtel IVR to enable an optimal integration of the workflows in the service center. The new solution brought immediate results with more calls answered in total and in a shorter time. The jtel ACD and jtel IVR platforms also led to a reduction churn rate. Customer satisfaction surveys provided clear evidence of a better experience and increased client satisfaction.

“Due to the excellent and professional cooperation at all times, we managed to install the system in the very best way. The forward-looking advice minimised sources of errors and the transition from the old system into the ‘new world’ was completely invisible to our clients. The improvement of call handling has increased reachability for our clients.”

Sven Jüttner, Head of client service for SWP

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SWP wanted to optimise its customer service and experience, with integration into all of its existing infrastructure.


SWP needed an enhanced omnichannel customer communications platform together with a speech dialogue system.


jtel ACD and jtel IVR enabled an optimal integration of the workflows in the service center. More efficient call queueing processes yielded increased agent availability, while the platforms led to a reduction in the number of terminated calls.

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