Stadt Viersen

The efficient delivery of public services is a key issue for many local authorities. e-Government initiatives are helping to increase engagement, so direct communications with citizens remains essential. When Stadt Viersen, the capital of the Viersen district in Nordrhein Westfalen, lost its existing call management solution, it needed to find a replacement quickly. The solution had to offer integration with existing systems, and access for all users and agents including those with visual disabilities.

jtel ACD provided the core of the solution, coupled to Innovaphone PBX via SIP. Innovaphone provides the interface to external connections, and extensions for the agents in the service center and other departments, while jtel ACD supports flexible, agile queuing, allowing flexible call capacity to be managed from the Innovaphone TK-System. In addition, to meet the needs of visually impaired workers, a special version of the jtel Agent Web-Application was developed using screen reading software and Braille input / output devices. The user interface was also completely redesigned making it cleaner and easier to use.

“The jtel team really worked with us to understand our needs. Thanks to jtel and its partner, we now have a secure foundation that meets all our requirements, while giving the potential for future evolution.”

Timo Pschibil of Stadt Viersen

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Public sector organisations have unique obligations and challenges, as well as a diverse mix of stakeholders and users. Call centers are a key part of how they meet those demands.


The city of Stadt Viersen needed a replacement call management solution that offered integration with existing systems, and user access for those with visual disabilities.


jtel ACD provided an optimised platform for the delivery of key public services, and an enhanced user interface for those with visual disabilities.

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