Weinmann & Schanz

Weinmann & Schanz GmbH is a specialist wholesaler of heating, sanitary and climate control goods based in Balingen, Germany. With more than 30 years of experience, Weinmann & Schanz understands the value of service and consistent performance. With more than 70,000 products, ensuring orders and dispatches are co-ordinated is a complex challenge, requiring a call center of 115 agents. However, the existing solution was disrupting operations and exhibiting increasing instability.

Weinmann & Schanz chose jtel ACD, while maintaining the existing PBX. jtel proposed a solution that would integrate with the existing PBX via QSIG (TDM), but which could be switched over to VoIP at a later date by a simple reconfiguration of the telephony hardware. It meant that Weinmann & Schanz was not tied to choice of PBX, and could modernise the telephony infrastructure without affecting the workflow and other applications in the call center.

“jtel proved to us that we had made the right choice. The introduction and launch of the system proceeded without any problems, thanks to both the sound preliminary work and the intuitive interfaces supported in the system.”

Frank Mainhardt, Weinmann & Schanz.

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Weinmann & Schanz


Weinmann & Schanz needed to coordinate a catalogue of more than 70,000 products through a call center of 115 agents, taking 3,000 calls per day.


The existing system was increasingly unreliable and unable to cope with the volume of calls. Weinmann & Schanz required a more advanced solution that could integrate with its existing PBX.


jtel ACD integrated with the existing central PBX, and offered VoIP-ready configuration for rapid migration to a new PBX when required.

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