Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung is a veteran of the life insurance industry in Germany. Close customer relationships are a key element of its proposition. However, its own open-source infrastructure developed over time was unable to keep pace with peak demands and fluctuating requirements. It also wanted to reduce the time taken to answer calls and to generate rich and accurate call statistics for performance monitoring and continuous service improvements. Stuttgarter needed a new platform that addressed fundamental call quality issues, while enhancing customer service and performance management capabilities.

jtel scoped a solution that would eliminate the current pain points and provide a platform for future evolution. jtel ACD provides multi-channel communications capabilities, which means Stuttgarter can ensure that all incoming enquiries are processed quickly, efficiently and by the right representative. It also allows Stuttgarter to generate any conceivable raw data, which is then passed in real-time to the internal solution for processing. jtel ACD delivered immediate stability benefits and the flexible scale to cope with peaks and flows in demand. All call center functionality is now handled by jtel ACD. Stuttgarter has benefited from productivity gains, which has contrinuted to rapid payback and ROI.

“jtel ACD delivered immediate stability benefits and provides the flexible scale to cope with peaks and flows in demand.”


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Close customer relationships are key to Stuttgarter’s proposition, but it’s existing open-source infrastructure developed over time was holding it back.


Stuttgarter needed a platform that could scale to meet peaks and fluctuations in demand, accelerate call handling, and collect rich, accurate call statistics.


jtel ACD provided a stable core ACD platform, and integration to the central PBX, providing Stuttgarter with the flexibility to meet fluctuating demands and gain powerful statistical insight.

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