What’s the best way to deliver the best customer experience?

Ensuring the best customer experience, all the time demands continuous innovation, to keep ahead of changes in customer interaction. You need to stay on top – how does jtel help you deliver better service to your customers?

This is a huge topic but of fundamental importance to our customers. How they manage customer enquiries, or how they handle customer accounts Of course, it differs from company to company – they are delivering different products and services to their customers, so they need to handle contact in different ways. And, they must constantly innovate, striving to deliver a better experience and adapting to changes in the ways in which customers get in touch with them.

It’s because of this that we have seen evolution to the omni-channel approach, as customers use different forms of communication to raise questions, make enquiries and so on. Today’s customers use the phone, email, social media, chat sessions and more to ask questions and to request help, so companies have to adapt to this changing flow of information. They must also be able to correlate data from each touch point, so that they can obtain the complete picture of interaction with their customers, on an individual basis.

That’s one of the reasons why our customers choose jtel. In addition to specific and innovative capabilities, we continue to adapt and evolve our solutions so that we can help our clients meet the needs of their own customers. They turn to jtel because we offer both continuous evolution and flexibility to adapt to unique needs. For example, while we ensure that data regarding customer contact points is consolidated into any CRM that our customers use, we also provide complete visibility of interactions in the agent front-end. They are available ‘at a glance’ so any agent can see what has happened with a specific customer or account, without having to refer to a secondary system. This helps accelerate handling of enquiries and reduces the time taken to solve issues and answer questions.

Omni-channel is important but it’s not enough simply to offer multiple communication channels. You have to correlate information, present it in a convenient way and simplify the process, so that agents can deliver better service. It’s just one of the ways in which jtel helps you deliver the service your customers expect. We’ll focus more on this topic in coming months – in the end, it’s fundamental to ensuring that our clients have happy customers! At jtel, that’s key to our business – and to yours.