Reverse-skill routing

What is reverse-skill routing? How does it help you allocate agent resources more efficiently to boost productivity and enhance service?

ACDs use different algorithms to ensure that the right agent is reached in contact centres. We support a wide range in our ACD, but we’ve recently extended our offer with the addition of new “reverse-skill routing”. This is an evolution of the classical skills-based routing, in which sessions are routed to the agent most qualified for the task. Reverse-skill evolves this concept by allowing calls from some hotlines to be routed in reverse skill order, allowing more qualified agents to remain free for more complex tasks.

This has clear benefits in the efficient processing of calls because it adds further granularity to the task of agent selection. Complex tasks take longer, so the most qualified agents need to be free to perform them. Simple tasks take less time, so agents need to move on from them quickly to process the next.

With this subtle twist on the skills concept, resources can be allocated more efficiently, saving organisations time and money, and boosting productivity – while delivering better service to your customers.