Omni channel online chat

Omni-channel is another buzzword, but what does it mean today, as more and more companies deliver web chat capabilities? How can you ensure that web chat sessions are fully integrated with your Contact Center?

Omni channel has become a very fashionable topic, but sometimes focusing on a buzzword or jargon means people miss out on the real value. Web chat is one example. We all know that people increasingly buy goods and services online, but we also know that it’s good to talk to someone, from time to time. We need help with completing a form, making a product selection or just to explain something.

That’s why many companies have introduced webchat capabilities. These are generally simple clients, which allow chats between customer and a representative of the provider. However, while this is nice, such chats often exist as silos outside the providers infrastructure.

That’s why we’ve integrated chat into our Contact Center, so that sessions can be handled in just the same way as conversations held over the phone. Incoming chat requests are distributed to agents by the Contact Center, with the routing subject to the same algorithms as other forms of communication. A simple connector allows chat capabilities to be deployed to multiple websites, each of which can have its own routing configuration, to ensure that services are uniquely optimised.

Each agent can manage multiple chats and the resulting dialogue can be archived as a searchable PDF document for later review. Omni channel sounds nice, but it really has to deliver. This new capability from jtel helps extend Contact Center functionality in a way that helps customers and helps businesses engage with them more effectively – delivering real value.